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Since 2002, they have been one of the leading audio production companies in Sweden and in later years also in Denmark and Norway, focusing on ideas and content with the goal of creating world-class radio and podcasts.

A Podx company Filt

About Filt

A leading audio production company in Sweden.

Since February 2023, Filt has been a part of PodX Group, an international player in the field of audio content that consolidates the fastest-growing segment in the media industry, the podcast industry.

Better audio stories - that encapsulates Filt's essence. We produce radio and podcasts with storytelling at the forefront, with high standards to ensure the end result is impactful, entertaining, and rewarding. Whether it's a scientifically journalistic program or a fictional radio drama.

Since 2002, Filt has been one of the leading editorial production companies in public service media in Sweden. We work conceptually and with journalistic quality, driven by the vision to create world-class radio and podcasts.




Anders Elfström, Erik Roll and Roger Dackegård


Culture, society, technology etc

Active in countries:

Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland

Part of PodX since:

February 2023

Number of productions:


Number of weekly listeners:

1 million

Filt a ledaing podcast company in sweden

Award-winning productions

Filt produce radio programs and podcasts spanning culture, society, science, technology, radio drama, and entertainment. Our largest area of work includes productions for Sweden's Radio P1, P2, P3, and P4, as well as original content for podcast platforms like PodMe and Spotify.  

Filt also creates recurring podcasts commissioned by companies and organizations such as SKANSKA, Unionen, Nobel Prize Museum, Telia, the Swedish Armed Forces, MSB, Amnesty, RFSU, and more. In these cases, we prioritize the client's needs and communication goals, collaborating closely to strike the right tone and approach.  

Filt has been honored with awards including Prix Italia and Guldörat (The Golden Ear), with our productions reaching over 1 million listeners each week. Upon request, we also create films for social media and documentaries, often as an extension of a podcast production.

Company Comment

We are very excited to take the next step on our journey to become the leading audio producer in the Nordics.

As founders, we are excited to further develop Filt within the PodX Group.

Anders Elfström

Anders Elfström

CEO and Co-Founder, Filt

A selection of Filt productions

Stil i P1

Stil i P1

for P1

Shaping Sustainable Places

Shaping Sustainable Places


Podd Ödestimmen


a Filt production