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a safe harbor and a great journey.

There’s so much talent in the podcast industry, but many audio content creators are small and lack the resources to realize their dreams. PodX Group wants to unleash the potential in independent audio content producers and offer them a safe harbor and a great journey.

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Great content in safe hands.

It is our mission, through active ownership, to unleash the potential in audio content creators and to offer them a safe harbor and a great journey. Our goal is set; we will be the leading international audio content group, where everyone benefits from being partners in our network.

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We're in it for the win-win.

We are here to build trust, strengthen brands and help you grow. Not by telling you how to run your own podcast shows, but rather to offer you a pipeline of benefits that you have the right to tap and explore, and the obligation to fill and nurture. With PodX Group you will be part of a network of podcast companies with similar opportunities and challenges. Together we will all become greater and stronger.

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We’re a company driven by people with extensive experience and expertise in media, content creation and business development. Do you want to be part of shaping tomorrow’s world of podcasting?

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With our team around the world, we help you reach new markets.

We believe a good podcast format can be adapted to become a hit in several markets. By gathering talent and rights from around the world, we will be able to create economies of scale at all levels. With our global network of partners, we are able to reach new markets. Our international team have well-established networks and great local knowledge.