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PodX Group

We offer audio content producers a safe harbor and a great journey

There's plenty of talent in the podcast industry, but many audio content creators remain small and lack the resources to bring their dreams to life. PodX Group aims to unleash the potential within independent audio content producers and be a part of a transformative adventure.  

By investing in companies and content, we build an efficient and supportive base for a network of independent companies in the digital audio sector. We create infrastructure and processes for energizing and consolidating a fast-growing industry. By gathering talent and intellectual property from podcast companies around the world, we will be able to create economies of scale at all levels.  

Within the PodX network, the audio content producers, creators, and talents will be stronger, more creative, and efficient. In turn, this will generate greater audience appeal, faster growth, and higher margins, while at the same time cater for the next generation of creative talent.

Our vision.

Our vision is to be the leading international audio content group.



We turns companies into leading producers in each market and segment where everyone benefits from being part of an international network.

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The Podx Companies

Read about the companies that have teamed up with us.

A Podx company Nouvelles ecoutes
A Podx company Studio Minuit
A Podx company Filt
A Podx company Posta
A Podx company Listen
A Podx company Goldhawk
A Podx company Suomen Podcastmedia


The global office

Feel free to reach out to any of us if you have any questions, we are here to help!

Want to change the world of podcasts? Join our team.

The world currently sees a massive shift from linear and live audio listening to on demand digital consumption. The podcast market is expected to grow significantly the coming years. The number of listeners are expected to grow from 800 million 2021 to 1,6 billion 2024 and the commercial income is expected to double in the next 3 – 4 years according to data from IAB and PwC.

PodX Group was founded by senior executives with the vast knowledge and experience of the global media market. In close collaboration with the strongest content creators and entrepreneurial producers in the audio space, PodX Group is committed to becoming a leading international audio content group consolidating the fastest growing segment in the media industry.