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Goldhawk Productions

Established by multi-award-winning husband-and-wife team John Scott Dryden and Ayeesha Menon, Goldhawk Productions has become one of the most distinctive and successful audio fiction production companies in the world.

Goldhawk’s overriding mission is great storytelling in sound. The company has made shows all over the world, and extensively in the US and India. Several of its shows have had spin-off novels and been optioned to TV.

Nouvelles Écoutes

Founded in 2016, a pioneer of original podcast production in France, Nouvelles Écoutes has been recognized for more than five years as one of the most creative podcast studios in France. Nouvelles Écoutes is behind twenty original and award-winning programs, for example Le Nuage, Mortel, Splash, Hot Line, Quoi de Meuf, Bouffons, Impatiente and 1 euro la minute.

Nouvelles Écoutes is also a white-label audio creation studio, which advises and supports its advertisers in the design, production, distribution and promotion of their podcasts. Focusing on strong narration, new formats, ambitious production, and impactful communication strategies.

Nouvelles Écoutes recently acquired the top French podcast studio, ”Studio Minuit”.

Our companies

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The world currently sees a massive shift from linear and live audio listening to on demand digital consumption. The podcast market is expected to grow significantly the coming years. The number of listeners are expected to grow from 800 million 2021 to 1,6 billion 2024 and the commercial income is expected to double in the next 3 – 4 years according to data from IAB and PwC.