Continue to be an independent creator but with the full support of a leading international group.

We invest in audio companies with great content.

The perfect match

We’re looking for talent. You’re looking for opportunities.

We come knocking on your door because you are the best at what you do. We’re looking for talent and we believe you will benefit from being part of a leading international group with joint ambitions, while still maintaining your niche, brand, and culture.

With PodX Group, you will be part of an international network of audio content producers with similar opportunities and challenges. A producer collective where we all will help each other to become even greater and stronger.

We’re here to give you the best possible environment and the most thrilling opportunities in the podcast industry.

Our offer

With PodX you will grow on your own terms and conditions.

It is our mission to gather and provide intelligence and power to unleash the potential in audio content producers. We invest in content and business development, internationalization, commercialization and offer financing to the companies in our group.

Be part of a producer collective where we all will become greater and stronger

# Your creative benefits

• Acquired and shared tools and best practices. Being part of a family of world class creative talent combined with effective structure and technology to access others work and methods.

• Group rights catalogue for ideas, stories, formats, scripts etc. Opportunity for units to launch owned formats in other markets and in other languages.

• Group acquisition of formats, scripts etc. Being a part of PodX will offer support in scouting, negotiation and financing such acquisitions.

• Joint pool of creative assets and talents. An opportunity to exchange ideas, gain inspiration and use resources from other teams within the PodX Group.

# Your commercial exploitation benefits

• Advertising sales is a volume business. By aggregating listening volumes from multiple productions, we will create an attractive offer to platforms and sales houses.

• Rights definition and retention powered by the group.

• International exploitation of rights, including other media platforms, both inside the group and outside.

• Focus on building rights catalogue. PodX will ensure that important rights will remain within the group.

# Your PR & communications benefits

• PR to maximise exposure and brand building by using group members’ networks as well as external media.

• Social media management, advisory and production.

• Cross promotion opportunities between PodX brands.

• Business Intelligence to provide insights on global industry development and new business opportunities.

# Your benefits of scale and shared services

• Legal, finance and administration. Higher quality, lower costs, and project financing.

• Procurement and co-buying.

• Technical platforms, software and studio facilities.

• Opportunity to build a sustainable business structure less dependent on individuals and ready to grow and launch in new markets.